Friday, August 24, 2007

Ted Nugent Threatens Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Shouldn’t the Secret Service be paying him a visit?

COMMENT: Bill Clinton didn’t inhale and Ted Nugent never took drugs. (However, he did crap his pants when he went for his draft-board physical--which not surprisingly got him rejected. What a patriot. In the George W. Bush tradition.) Nugent hasn‘t been involved with anything musically significant since "Journey To The Center Of The Mind". One of these days that pathetic goof-bag is going to end up barbecuing his own dumb neo-Confederate ass. Essentially, he’s just a frightened little dipshit exploiting a decadent proto-fascistic entertainment niche.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You’re supposed to give guys like Imus and Nugent slack because they have camps for kids?

Just remember…Hitler had a youth group too.

2:20 PM  

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