Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scratchpad: Wed. 19 Sept. 2007

Thought for the Day: Eros in Salem

Cheesy pornography is Crapitalistic. The twisted by-product of sex-shy Puritanism. A turn-off. Life negating.

On the other hand, Erotic art is Pagan. A turn-on. Life affirming. It enhances sex rather than replaces it..


Re: Cavett On Obesity

Dear Dick,

If Orson Welles--not to mention Jackie ‘The Great One’ Gleason, Zero Mostel, Diego Rivera, Luciano Pavarotti and Santa Claus--were around today...they’d be sitting on your puny head!

GOP bless…


Re: Kerry/Taser Incident

Andrew Meyer ( see his website) --the Tasee--was asking John Kerry a “run-on” question (“Zap him…!“) about why he rolled over so quickly after the ‘04 Election.

Why? Because --like Al Gore--he’s a loyal a member of the Market-Dominant Masterclass (Good Cop Wing of the American Establishment) who isn’t about to shake up the Imperial System to the point where all veils are lifted and the Golden Goose is summarily sent to the wall by the neo-Jacobin “class traitors”.


Take 2

Kerry is a veritable tower of Jell-O. A loyal Brother Bonesman who just couldn’t bring himself to aggressively question the Ohio 2004 shmay-dray.


What the hell ever happened to this guy ? MIA…?


On September 17, 2007, police from the University of Florida forcibly removed Andrew Meyer, a 21-year-old fourth-year undergraduate telecommunications student, from a forum with U.S. Senator John Kerry, restraining him with the help of a Taser.

After the end of a question-and-answer session, Meyer was allowed to ask a question, which, according to the Washington Post, turned into "an increasingly agitated three-parter."

1. Why did Kerry concede the 2004 presidential election?

2. Why has President George W. Bush not been impeached?

3. Were Kerry and Bush both members of the Yale University secret society known as Skull and Bones?

Meyer also cited Greg Palast's book Armed Madhouse. Kerry can be heard to say: "I've read it."

Just as Meyer finishes asking his third and final question, the microphone into which Meyer had been speaking was cut off and two University of Florida police officers seized him as Kerry said, "Let me answer his question." The student pulled away and demanded an explanation of the officers' conduct. He shouted "Help!", "What have I done?" and "Get away from me!", with his arms raised in the air. All four officers began forcibly ushering him to the back of the room as Meyer attempted to stand his ground. During this time, some audience members shouted phrases such as "What has he done?", "Why are you doing this?" and "Let him go!". Once in the rear of the hall Meyer attempted again to break away from the officers. The officers wrestled him to the ground and attempted to handcuff him. As Meyer lay pinned by the five officers, they threatened to taser him. Meyer stated that if allowed up, he would leave. The officer replied that he does not have that option. Meyer said "Don't tase me bro, don't tase me", but was drive stunned shortly after. He continued screaming for help as the officers removed him from the room. During the altercation, Kerry urged everyone to calm down, made a joke and kept speaking to Meyer's question, which he referred to as "very important". Meyer was then escorted off the premises and detained overnight.
[ Source: Wikipedia ]


The Religious fanatics, the Roves and the Tom ‘Bugsy’ Delays hijacked the GOP a series of waves beginning in 1980 with the advent of Reaganism-Thatcherism.

These days Goldwater Republicans probably identify more with the Democratic Party. Case in point: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Clinton grew up in the Chicago suburbs in a conservative Republican household and was a "Goldwater girl" in 1964, supporting conservative icon Barry Goldwater in the presidential race won by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson.
[ Source: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Announces White House Bid ]

So much for the Republican Permanent Majority…


-- GP


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Hi-I just found your blog and find it intriguing. Curious as to where you get the old pics of politicians. Keep up the good work!

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