Monday, October 01, 2007

Scratchpad: Mon. 1 Oct. 2007

Actor Ron Silver says the Democrats are a bunch of pacifist pussies in the face of al-Qaeda and only Rudy Giuliani can save America. IOW -- more litanies of fear (the facts be damned) from chickenhawk Republicans &/or Republican Permanent Oil-War Camp collaborators.

Mr. Silver, you were once a reasonably good actor (e.g. Enemies: A Love Story) -- the Jewish Al Pacino-- but then what happened? The roles dry up? (Give a guy like that too many shekels and suddenly he’s a Rothschild!) Furthermore, do you know what facts are? If “the West” is truly in the Great Life & Death Struggle the big bad Republican warmongering profiteers should make their case, push for a 20 million man military draft and get serious. And like the neo-conservative historian Bernard Lewis said with regards to getting involved militarily in the Middle East: “Get tough or get out!”

From where does this fear truly emanate--from outside or from within the psyches of the fear-mongers themselves? And why?

It’s the Power Elite fearing for its own political-economic dominance. Fearing for their own lives. It’s all about the big apes trying to get the stupid little apes all riled up so they gladly run off to sacrifice themselves for the totem of the alleged “Free” Market--which of course supercedes Country or Democracy or the God &/or gods of Our Fathers. This same bunch tend to condemn and reject things like fact-based public education, news and information (unless their faction controls the content and flow).

The Ruling Class must be protected at all costs. They are an endangered species.


We’ve all heard it repeated: You can’t stop globalization.

Why not?

Such blanket statements-become-slogans are just more illusions.

Francis Fukuyama found that out after saying that history was over and liberal democracy and free markets had won.

John Ralston Saul has recently declared Globalization dead.

If history has any lesson to teach its this: The human capacity for self-deception is unlimited.

[Acknowledgement to a former history professor of mine.]

Of course, that cuts all ways.

Personally, I think there are all sorts of lessons, my favorite being: A lot of it is just a matter of luck.

“The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all…” Etcetera.



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