Friday, November 02, 2007

Scatchpad: Thurs. 1 Nov. 2007

From the Utter Hypocrisy of the Right (who are invariably wrong) files:Give George W. Bush and Blackwater free rides.


Burn the Stalinist Witch!

Keep attacking Hillary and see how well that plays with the women.


Corporate Media prostitutes and intellectual lummoxes like Chris Matthews and most of the other folks (e.g. Mrs. Greenspan) over at MSNBC who--I suppose in the interest of upping ratings--did their worst to promote a fight between Hillary and Obama, are now declaring Hillary anathema because she supports Eliot Spitzer’s “unperfected” plan for identifying undocumented foreign workers, and allegedly flip-flopped on the response during the Dem debate the other night. (Is this going to be another Al Gore-invented-the-Internet Corporate Media-driven moment?) Did any of the Dems have an alternative? Not that I heard. Do any Republican candidates have an alternative--I mean, besides an electrified fence on the Mexican border with machine gun emplacements every 1000 yards.

You ought to see how many times FDR flip-flopped, hedged and played cagey. He and Abraham Lincoln (who often appeared weak and indecisive, probably couldn’t get elected today. At least not without having a few talking-heads thrown down the well… [Thx Borat] )


Gay Anti-Gay Republicans…are also known as The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants.

At every turn they vote against anti-discrimination-against-Gays legislation, but meanwhile this is who they are privately. [Thx Stephanie.]

Aren‘t conservatives and libertarians supposed to be indifferent to private personal behavior unless it violates another person’s rights The bible-babblers and goose-stepping ultra-authoritarian nimrods are another story…


FOX News alleged-comedian Dennis Miller derides Dennis Kucinich for seeing a UFO --”from the inside. In fact I think he was in the driver’s seat…!” Te-da-dum!

BTW -- Reagan also saw a UFO. [ Just punch up “Reagan” and “UFO”.]

(But we’re highly selective in “This Great Land” about who we ridicule …Repooplicker protocol and all that…)

Meanwhile…Kucinich might be the Magic Elf who can save us… [Thx Stephanie.]



Majestic 12 is the purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman. The purpose was to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident, the purported crash of an alien spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. This alleged committee is an important part of the UFO conspiracy theory of an ongoing government cover up of UFO information.


Sean Hannity called Halloween a “liberal holiday”. Joking? Or insane?

Alan Colmes said he went out trick-or-treating on Halloween as a Republican taking candy away from kids.

Xmas is another liberal holiday…because you’re supposed to give to the Poor. [Thx Stephanie.]


Blackwater Mamluks, Inc. must accept responsibility for their murderous perfidy, abject greed and complete and total folly. What the hell kind of self-important killer-insects are they, anyway? A bunch of frigging goose-stepping black-shirts...Just what America needs, more fascists pumped on steroids with guns...


Tim Russert and Chris Matthews are Rightwing tools. But what do you expect from NBC whose Big War Industry Mother Company is GE? What are they going to do, have Elizabeth Kucinich and Noam Chomsky as moderators? (And whatever happened to Phil Donahue? Too liberal. Too Green. Too responsible. Too sane. And sanity doesn‘t sell. If America were sane they‘d have dumped Crapitalism a long time ago. But it‘s essentially a country of superstition-ridden frightened little sniveling serfs and corn-fed brain-dead parishioners. )

Always remember, anyone working for Big Media has in some way shape or form been co-opted and compromised.


Giuliani’s recent statements in a political advertisement on treatment for his prostate cancer were lies or hypocritical. He sneers at “socialized medicine” yet having been Mayor of NYC he received “socialized” tax-payer funded healthcare himself.

Rudy erroneously claimed only 44% of those diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK were cured. He got that from Manhattan Institute--a rightwing thinktank with a vested interest in promoting laissez-faire solutions to everything--especially where the exploited workingclass and the suffering poor are concerned.

However, 74.4% is the accurate percentage for prostate cancer cures in the UK, according to guess who? The UK itself!

Furthermore, the treatment Rudy received was invented not by an American but by a Danish physician and medical researcher. You remember Denmark, don’t you? With its nasty socialized healthcare system? [Thx to Lionel.]

Why don’t fatheads like Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and the FOX News Zombies jump on Rudy Giuliani as hard as they jump on Hillary Clinton for not giving them the simplistic-for-simpletons responses they want to their loaded one-dimensional questions?

The GOP has no answers for the problems of the Modern World. And Corporate Broadcast and Cable Media--with very few exceptions--delivers less and less genuine News (i.e. information the People need to help keep themselves Free).



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