Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New rules would ban gifts, meals from lobbyists

By Jackie Kucinich
The Hill

Democratic leaders are proposing new House rules that prohibit members from accepting gifts or meals from lobbyists and place new restrictions on trips paid for by outside groups.

The proposed rules are listed in a draft document that was briefed to members during a conference call today and later obtained by The Hill.

The rules would ban lobbyists "or organizations that employ them from planning, organizing, requesting, arranging or participating in travel for members or staff," according to the document. The new rules do make an allowance for a one-day trip to attend a forum, participate in a panel or give a speech.


COMMENT: Gifts & meals are bribes graft sh!t p!ss & corruption--NOT FREE SPEECH, INJUSTICE SCALIA! You stinking little weasel !!!


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