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Scratchpad: Sun. 23 Sept. 2007

Greenpagan’s Quotidian Quotations

Eat or be eaten. (But go easy on the salt…)


Vitamin C, Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease

New research now suggests Linus Pauling was correct about Vitamin C fighting cancer after all. You know what? Do what you know…! The so-called experts will drive you crazy and steer you wrong. So…Go with your gut. Which isn’t top say disregard empirical reality. It’s just that if you do or take something that makes you feel better that hurts no one including yourself then screw the bat-&-rat-torturing punks in their lab coats clawing for PhDs & grants.

Meanwhile--not that awards and prizes and/or living to a great age automatically confer wisdom on their possessors, but --my money’s on Linus Pauling who took Vitamin C, lived to the age of 93 and won TWO Nobel Prizes (Peace and Chemistry).

"Pauling actually had some good evidence that under certain situations vitamin C can prevent tumor formation. It's just the mechanism was really not that clear then," Dang said.

"Now that, I think, we provide relatively compelling evidence of how this works, maybe Pauling is partly right. We shouldn't dismiss him so quickly." More


Reproductive Rights

You might have personal reservations about abortions. But what are you going to do? Hold a gun to a woman’s head? Make women carry dead fetuses to term as was the practice?

The fanatical anti-abortion creeps are also against contraception. What they really want is control over the sex lives of other people. How sadistic is that?

Many are Ted Haggard and Larry Craig fans…


Canadian Healthcare

Yes. There are waits in Canada. In rural areas and for certain non-emergency procedures like MRIs just for the heck of it,

The anti-universal healthcare louts in the US exaggerate the drawbacks of medical care in Canada for their own nefarious rightwing reactionary ideological purposes.

Indeed, America is exceptional in healthcare among the great democracies. Exceptionally bad! (Thanks in large measure due to profiteers, their congressional prostitutes and the bumpkins yokels oafs and ignoramuses who elect them.)

Healthcare is a Human Right.

“Yeah but where does it say it is in the Constitution?!”

Where does it say it isn’t…?


BTW--Is smoking worse than obesity?

All of us are going to get sick at one point and just because you can afford private insurance now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to afford it later. Go ahead and tax certain behaviors, but using the health insurance system in order to deny people care is monstrous!

You don’t like the Canadian Model? Too socialistic for you cornfed dunderheads?

How about the US Military model? And the newly refurbished VA? And what the members of Congress themselves have? (“Socialized Medicine for me, but not for thee…”)

Imagine that thoroughly corrupt crotchety old crank Ted Stevens with his Bridge to Nowhere trying to convince the good parishioners of Moose Brains Alaska that they should neither have nor want healthcare. (I love such creatures. They should all be hanged by their shorthairs. [Metaphorically of course…cough cough…] If they have any shorthairs…)

[ Acknowledgements in part to NPR’s The People’s Pharmacy . ]


From the ‘How Come…?’ files

How come you lately don’t hear: “Unions were okay in the past but they’ve outlived their usefulness…”

Do you think it might have a little something to do with the unhappy fact that more and more persons are being adversely affected by the healthcare crisis, downsizing, outsourcing and wage stagnation? IOW--With so many Americans are being kicked in the teeth by Capitalism it behooves one to ask: Are any of the candidates for President offering dental care as part of their healthcare reform programs?)


The Lexus, the Olive Tree…& the Pontifical Ass…!

Why do I get the recurring impression that Thomas Friedman is almost always talking down to everybody like some old uncle pissing in his pants while reading little children a Mother Goose story…? (I hate that guy…)

[C]an China really undertake the energy/environmental revolution it needs without the empowerment of its people to a whole new degree — à la the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004? The more I see China wrestling with its environment, the more I’m convinced that it is going to prove much, much easier for China to have gone from communism to capitalism than to go from dirty capitalism to clean capitalism.
[ Source: China in Three Colors ]

The only ‘clean capitalism’ that ever existed was probably all inside Adam Smith’s head…


My Peace Plan for Iran

Turn that country into a showcase for Solar Power & other forms of alternative energy. Therefore the Iranians will have no need of nuclear power--except for belligerent purposes. In which case they should be whacked!

I’m telling you, these guys -- Iran, Syria, North Korea--are making Bush & Cheney look better than they have any right to. It’s as if the Axis-of-Evil-Doers are living up to clichéd roles formulaically scripted especially for them.


GOP Mess…

-- GP



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