Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scratchpad: Wed. 17 Oct. 2007

Re Bush’s SCHIP Veto

The children didn’t ask to be born. But the neo-Confederate fascist Republican Right would deny them medical care. What utter hypocrisy! Somewhere Jesus is crying.

The cost will be paid by Tobacco Taxes. It’s win-win all around. Except for the Nicotine Lobby and their Republican windbag politician dependents.


Perfecting Ann Coulter

... is impossible. (Who died and made her Fuehrer…?) [Thx to Stephanie Miller & Maxim magazine]


To my Rightwing Repooplicker fiends:

Yours is the vitriol of ignorance and fear. Never change.


Re Emasculation Nation

The American dwindling middle-class worker was turned into a pathetic eunuch a long time ago. Ronald Reagan held the knife while the GOP plucked the gonads. Bush and his fellow neo-Confederate Church of the South SOBs have done their worst to finish the job.

Hey! Fritz Hayek. It was your anti-democratic pro-monarchial executive, semi-feudalist corporatist Rightwing Elitism that lighted the way to the Serfdom you purportedly feared. Not progressivism, not liberalism, not socialism.

American Workers aren’t ‘French’. And that’s too bad. If they were they’d be in the streets 24 hours a day bring on the General Strike and the Mass Consumer Boycott to topple this murderous and corrupt Crapitalist economic system of wage and debt slavery. After the self-sacrificial CIO activists were purged from Organized Labor and American Life in general after WW2 and as the GOP passed Taft-Hartley (over Truman’s veto) making it more difficult for workers to organize against their exploiters, marks the beginning of the period of the decline of the power of the working-class after so many hard-fought battles. After the working-class won the world, the Masterclass came back out of their holes to start remaking the Old Failed War-Dependent World according to the same old schemes.


Re Randi Rhodes

If true, I’m glad I was apparently wrong about her being attacked by Bushwing thugs. However, the full story has yet to be told by Randi Rhodes herself. But given the history of the Rightwing throughout the years in this society being responsible for the significant number of political assassinations, murders, assaults and discrimination, it was not unreasonable to assume such involvement. Hey. Sometimes you just have to resort to profiling…

(Of course there’s always the possibility that Randi was given a warning to keep her mouth shut about the incident by party/parties unknown. Don‘t change that dial!)


Come January, Social Security pensioners will get the smallest Cost of Living increase (which hasn’t kept pace with the cost of living) in 4 years thanks to the rotten-to-the-core rightwing reactionary GOP Church of the South neo-Confederates). 2.3 %! That’s an average of something like US$24. Woop-dee-doo. So typical of the provincial parochial bible-babbling AmeriKKKornponer Jerk Ethic.


Bush and his Crusader minions

... are some kind of chattering war-loving money-worshipping cannibalistic monkey.

There are at least two distinctly different psychological species of Man. The Prometheans (and I’ll throw in with them) and the Epimetheans (Bush Cheney and their hideously depraved degenerated version of humanunkind).

Proof enough for Darwinian Evolution.


GOP distrust of Media deepens?

Good! Let it rush screaming paranoid right into the thick brick wall of their own making!


Hey! Ms. Angelina 'Atlas Shrugged' Jolie (& Mr. Brad Jolie...)

Aynnie Rand was a fascistic douchbag! So what does that make you?


Who does Bush think he is?

The President or something…?


Bush cuts one (in a manner of speaking):

Congress has more important things to do than attacking the Ottoman Empire.


Cowboys, yes. Cowboy diplomacy, no!

I’ve nothing against cowboys. I’ve worked with cowboys (although not as a cowboy). But Bush is a faux cowboy. Afraid of horses. (Terrorists?) Small-sized Stetson.


Bush Down, GOP Down, Dems Up!

[W]hen asked which party would better maintain prosperity, it's Democrats by 54-34 percent according to [GOP hallelujah pollster] Gallup. [ Source: Why 2008 will be a Perfect Storm for Republicans ]

So please, Mr. Numbnuts, stop reflexively blurting out that Democrats have lower approval numbers than the twice-illegitimately installed Bonezer Bush. It just is not true. (But since when has empirical reality ever influenced you folk…)


Re Bush announcing VA Hospital (socialized medicine) improvements.

Republicans don’t do anything good for average citizens unless they’re shamed into it.

The Dems and their allies are the ones actually doing the fighting for the troops.


From the Connedserfaturd Mottos Files:

There’s no need to be overly generous. We are not our brother’s keeper. Every man for himself.


Voice in the water: Help! Help!

Comrade Ordinary Seaman: Captain, captain! A Conservative Republican fell overboard!

Comrade Captain Red Vengeance: [Insouciantly.] Oh okay. [Shouting.] Coffee time…!


GOP Mess America!


Keep strong!



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