Friday, November 09, 2007

Waterboarding Drew Critics During U.S.-Philippine War

The “water cure,” as it was then known, was widely used in the 12-year war in the Philippines that began in 1898, says historian William Loren Katz. William Howard Taft, then the U.S. governor of the islands, made the technique front-page news when he told Congress it had been used to extract information in the conflict. Meanwhile, a soldier’s letter boasting of giving 160 people the “water cure,” of whom only 26 survived, was made public. [ More ]



Anonymous i.m.small said...


You tie some wrapping on his face and then you tie him down,
So fixed immobile he has no recourse,
Then when you pour the water it is like to make him drown--
As blind he neither understands the source

Nor can resist the awful press about to suffocate,
Controlled upon the incline to prolong,
Though in my vast experience it´s not too long a wait
If sometimes though the answers may be wrong.

8:26 AM  

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