Friday, November 09, 2007

Scratchpad: Fri. 9 Nov. 2007

Since the USA went off the Gold Standard what holds up the $US?

Confidence in the Government of the United States!

(So much for reactionaries like Ron Paul who want to “go back” to gold which is tantamount to going back in time to the good old bad old stupid old days. But I’m sure according to his John Birch Society, StormFront and ignorant libertarian homunculi devotees, he’s got something there.)

One good thing about “weak dollar policy” of the twice-illegitimately installed Bush Regime (which if the Dems and Republicans of conscience had the guts they’d impeach, remove and jail!) is: it makes exports cheaper, thus Bush’s fellow criminal corporate crapitalist cronies are happy.

At the same time, the fascistic privileged Powers That Be can get their jollies by watching workers, senior citizens, veterans, the ranks of the military, poor people etc. scramble for the few remaining crumbs of social wealth most of which is caught in a perpetual flowing stream of accelerating redistribution upward into the coffers of the You Know Who.

Furthermore, it makes emigration extremely difficult to next to impossible for most Americans who drank the Kool Aid and ate the cole slaw, buying into the petit bourgeois nightmare of everything that slaughters the human soul.

“See! Nobody wants to leave AmeriKKKa. The stupid little oinkers out there in Television Land would much rather stay in this ‘Our Gray-ut Lay-und’ laboring beneath the hellish heel of the Prostitute Ethic and the Spirit of Exploitation and Wage-and-Debt Slavery!”

In the longer term everybody suffers as a weak dollar leads to spiraling inflation and recession. “You remember the days of $200 loaves of bread, don’t you…Mein Herr…?”

The Dollar and the Country and the Future ain’t what they used to be.

Thank ya, George Dumbya…! “You think I‘m dumb, America? Eh-heh eh-heh eh-heh…” (Smart enough to play it dumb…as he always has…since suckling at the Evil Anti-Mother’s moldy old shriveled old teat.)

[Thx in part to NPR.]




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